Fighting for spaces, Fighting for our lives: Squatting Movements today

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In diesem reich bebilderten Band präsentieren sich vielfältige Bewegungen aus ganz Europa.

Squatting Everywhere Kollective (SqeK) Ed.
Fighting for spaces, Fighting for our lives: Squatting Movements today
Übersetzt ins Englische
Broschur 140×205 mm
zahlreiche Fotos und Abbildungen
Seiten, ca. 10.00 EUR [D]
ISBN 978-3-942885-90-4| WG 973
Neuerscheinung August 2018


Dieses Buch bietet kurze Einblicke in eine vielfältige und facettenreiche Bewegung mit Berichten von lokalen Kämpfen, Erfahrungen mit (staatlicher) Repression und Geschichten eines kollektiven Lebens, erwachsen aus den besetzten Orten verschiedener Städte und Länder weltweit , inklusive Australien und den USA.

Sqek (squatting europe kollective) ist ein Netzwerk bestehend aus radikalen Aktivist*innen und Forscher*innen, die in verschiedenen sozialen und politischen Bewegungen in der ganzen Welt aktiv sind.
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Squatting everywhere aims to move beyond the conventional understandings of squatting, investigating its history in different places over the past four decades.

While waves of repression against squatters seems to spread across many places, attacking and shutting down it´s remaining squatting strongholds and it´s historical spaces of rebellion, some squatted social centres manage to withstand meanwhile and new occupied zones arise – both are successfully defended through public mobilization and widespread solidarity, alongside with militant action. At the same time squatting has seen a rebirth as a tool of radical praxis in movements fighting against the rising number of evictions and foreclosures during the financial crisis or facing the policies of racism and open space for refugees, migrants and people of colour. The collected essays, first-hand accounts and photographs in this book do not offer an over-arching narrative of where the squatters movement is heading. Instead the book provides glimpses into a diverse and multi-faceted movement, with accounts from local struggles, experiences of repression and stories of the collective forms of life which grow out of squatted spaces in various cities and countries throughout the world, including accounts from Rio de Janeiro, Istanbul, Seattle and Australia.

Sqek (squatting everywhere kollective) is a network of radical activists and researchers from diverse social and political movements from around the world. The primary aim of the collective is to produce reliable and fine-grained knowledge about squatters´ movement as a public resource, especially for squatters and activists. Critical engagement, transdisciplinarity and comparative approaches are the bases of the project. Sqek holds yearly meetings which have thus far taken place in Madrid, Milano, London, Berlin, Barcelona, Amsterdam, Paris, København, Roma and New York, Rotterdam, Catania and Praha. More info can be found at

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