Editorial Groups & Series

Editorial groups are at the core of the edition and one of our implementations of the principle of assemblage. The idea is that individuals organize groups around a theme and publish books on that theme once or regularly. The topics can be very specific as in the Postcolonial Posthumanism series or, for example, determine the book format as in Cats who cater comix.

BDG NetworkDAMNMAD Kollektiveklat_msgata pretaGeschlechter und Sexualitäten in Psychotherapie und Beratungget well soongruppe moraHaymatlosHerausgeber_innenkollektivjour fixe initiative berlinjour fixe initiative frankfurtkitchen politicsKollektiv Stein und Wortkritik_praxisLeona GamesNoNoPostcolonial PosthumanismPSredaktionQueen of the Neighbourhood CollectiveReihe Antifaschistische Politik (RAP)Riot SkirtsRTR FührungsproblemSalon der PerspektivenSqEKTranscultural Literary StudiesVerband binationaler Familien und PartnerschaftenWitnessedWomen in ExileZaglossus