Katharina Kroschel

Katharina Kroschel (no pronoun) started ace_arovolution and wrote „(un)sichtbar gemacht – Perspektiven auf Aromantik und Asexualität“ together with Annika Baumgart. Katharina holds a Master’s degree in Gender & Queer Studies and gives talks, readings and workshops on aromanticism, asexuality and queer lifestyles. Most of all, Katharina enjoys Critical Theory and the deconstruction of sexuality and romance norms – and besides that, the question of how many cups of tea a day are too many. (None.) Katharina likes hair coloring and cats, but independently of each other, please. One of Katharina’s hobbies is swearing about media, which includes a variation of the phrase ‘(more than) just friends’; another is making queer jewelry out of colorful beads. Together with Annika (and friends!) Katharina is cooking up new project ideas for ace_arovolution.

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