Amy Evans

The Most Unsatisfied Town

Witnessed Book Series Edition 4 ~ Sharon Dodua Otoo

Broschur | 140*205mm

96 Seiten | 9,80€

978-3-942885-76-8 | 152

Januar 2015

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Er war nicht die richtige Person, eine Bewegung anzuführen – bis er es tun musste.


Der Asylantrag in Deutschland war ein Neuanfang für Laurence. Endlich glaubt er, seine Formel fürs Überleben gefunden zu haben, doch dann verschwindet sein Freund auf mysteriöse Weise. Als die Leiche, bis zur Unkenntlichkeit verkohlt, auftaucht, beginnt eine Suche nach den Verantwortlichen. Laurence ist gezwungen, einen neuen, kritischen Blick auf die Stadt zu werfen, die er so gern sein Zuhause genannt hätte. The Most Unsatisfied Town basiert auf der wahren Geschichte von Oury Jalloh.


Die Autorin:

Amy Evans ist eine preisgekrönte Dramatikerin, deren Werk die Auswirkungen von Grenzen, Erinnerung und Verlust auf den menschlichen Charakter erforscht. Zu ihren Stücken gehören „Achidi J’s Final Hours“ (Finborough Theatre), „Many Men’s Wife“ (Tricycle Theatre) und „The Champion“, ein Originalwerk, das vom Leben von Nina Simone inspiriert wurde.


The day I left the shelter, I thought I was going someplace better. And indeed there were no more pipes hanging from the ceiling, no more broken windows, no holes in the walls. But there was something else. Something I didn’t know how to name –


He wasn’t the kind of person to lead a movement – until he had to be.


Since claiming asylum in Germany, Laurence has had to start his life over again. He’s found the formula for survival, or so he thinks, until one day his friend mysteriously disappears. When the body turns up charred beyond recognition, a search for those responsible begins, forcing Laurence to take a closer look at the town he was so ready to call home. Based on the true story of Oury Jalloh.


The Author:

Amy Evans is an award-winning dramatist whose work explores the impact of borders, memory, and loss on the human spirit. Her plays include “Achidi J’s Final Hours” (Finborough Theatre), “Many Men’s Wife” (Tricycle Theatre), and “The Champion”, an original work inspired by the life of Nina Simone.




Praise for The Most Unsatisfied Town:

The Most Unsatisfied Town by Amy Evans is not a play about “race”, “injustice” or “asylum seekers”, though I suspect those words and phrases will be and could be used to describe it. But like all great plays, this is a story about difficult moral choices and the consequences they have. Laurence, a Guinean man, has sought asylum in Germany. He wants to play it safe, run his internet café business, keep his head down. But is that the right thing to do in a town that does not want him to be there? Amy takes her time to create a sense of an immigrant community living on a knife’s edge. She makes us care about thier lives before letting the terrible tragedy at the heart of the play unfold. This is a play that you’ll want to read and re-read. It throws an exciting gauntlet of staging possibilities before any director wishing to make it live and breathe.

Hassan Abdukrazzak
Author of “Baghdad Wedding”


Amy Evans‘ account of African immigrants seeking justice in small town Germany is written with clarity and heart.

Oladipo Agboluaje
Author of “The Hounding of David Oluwale”, “Iya-ile (The First Wife)


Most people believe that theatre many not have the power to change the world, butwe have always maintained that that’s no reason not to try. With The Most Unsatisfied Town … I recommend you a dramatist who might.

Neil McPherson
Artistic Director, The Finsborough Theatre




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