Olumide Popoola

Also by Mail

Witnessed Book Series Edition 2 ~ Sharon Dodua Otoo

Broschur | 142*205mm

96 Seiten | 9,80€


November 2012

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Sobald ihr Vater stirbt, werden ruhende Konflikte lebendig


Also by Mail ist ein modernes Familien-Komödien-Drama, das den Erlebnissen der nigerianisch-deutschen Geschwister Funke und Wale folgt, die nach Nigeria fliegen, um ihren plötzlich verstorbenen Vater zu beerdigen. Ihre Erziehung kollidiert mit den Erwartungen ihres Onkels und die anfänglichen Missverständnisse führen bald zu einem Eklat. Als Wale frustriert nach Deutschland zurückkehrt, wird er bitter daran erinnert, wie wenig sein Vater sie auf rassistische Begegnungen dort vorbereitet hat. Verlust und Rassismus, Geschwisterrivalität und interkulturelle Etikette – das Stück nimmt seine urbanen, neo-afrikanischen Erzählelemente auf und unterläuft sie, um ein zeitgenössisches Bild einer Familie zu vermitteln, die nicht nur mit dem Erbe ihres Patriarchen, sondern auch mit der Rassifizierung im deutschen Kontext zu kämpfen hat. Erst ein ungewöhnlicher Eingriff außerordentlicher Art bringt Trost für die Geschwister und den Rest der Familie.


Die Autorin

Die in London lebende nigerianisch-deutsche Olumide Popoola präsentiert sich international als Autorin, Sprecherin und Performerin. Ihre Veröffentlichungen umfassen Essays, Gedichte, Kurzgeschichten und die Novelle „this is not about sadness“ sowie Performancetexte und Aufnahmen in Zusammenarbeit mit Musiker*innen. Sie hat einen Doktortitel in kreativem Schreiben und ist Empfängerin des May Ayim-Preises (Lyrik).


If people want to scam themselves into the inheritance or us out of it, so be it. I needed a father, not a bank. I got neither. In fact I didn’t even get to mourn for the father I did have.

~ Wale in Also By Mail


When their father dies, dormant conflicts come to life


Also by Mail is a modern family comedy-drama that follows the experiences of Nigerian German siblings Funke and Wale who fly to Nigeria to bury their suddenly deceased father. Their upbringing clashes with their uncle’s expectations and initial misunderstandings soon come to an éclat. When Wale returns to Germany, frustrated, he is bitterly reminded of how little his father acknowledged and prepared them for racist encounters there. Loss and racism, sibling rivalry and cross-cultural etiquette, the play incorporates and subverses it’s urban, neo-African elements of story-telling to give a contemporary picture of a family that struggles not only with the legacy of its patriarch but with being racialized within the German context as well. Only an unusual intervention of an extraordinary kind brings comfort to the siblings and the rest of the family.


The Author
London-based Nigerian-German Olumide Popoola presents internationally as author, speaker and performer. Her publications include essays, poetry, short stories and the novella “this is not about sadness” as well as performance text and recordings in collaboration with musicians. She has a PhD in creative writing at the University of East London and the recipient of the May Ayim award (lyric).



Praise for Also by Mail:

Also by Mail is a pioneering play by the London-based Nigerian-German novelist, poet and playwright Olumide Popoola – poignantly and authentically representing the lives, the diversity, the struggles and aspirations of people in the Black diaspora, their quest for identity and justice.
Generation conflicts, the clash of cultures and language barriers are depicted with warmth and humor whereas racist experiences in Germany are resolutely and realistically conveyed, as well as results of determined resistance, not leading to reconciliation but at least to legal justice. Also by Mail is a powerful play, entertaining and thought-provoking. Having read it with joy, one wishes to see it performed on stage soon.

Marion Kraft
Author of “The African Continuum and African American Women Writers”


A fascinating play that delves into the Nigerian diaspora to tell a moving tale of Nigerian-German history. When Mr Ogunleye returns to Nigeria he leaves his two Afro-German children behind to cope with everyday racism without his guidance or protection. After his death the children travel to Nigeria and meet up with their father’s other family members from Lagos and London.
Diverse experiences, expectations and hopes result in frustration, misunderstandings and breakdown. However, in the end it is a profound wisdom which imagines a new future for the family – one that opens up new horizons for their diasporic experiences. Olumide Popoola presents us with another treasure of Afro-German literature in English.

Susan Arndt
Professor of English Studies and Anglophone Literatures, University of Bayreuth


I found this to be a slick and captivatingly contemporary Afro-European tale that, like jazz, is also rooted in the folkloric things that animate people. Also an apt story for this day and age of cultural flux and elusive ways of belonging.

Brian Chikwava
Author of “Harare North”




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