Nzitu Mawakha

Nzitu Mawakha was a photographer and a long-standing member of the registered association Initiative Schwarze Menschen in Deutschland (Initiative Black People in Germany). Born in Arusha, Tanzania and raised in Cologne, Nzitu Mawakha had been involved in various projects since 1998, including as assistant to the theatre photographer Mara Eggert at the Schauspielhaus Hannover and as photographer for the exhibition „Superficial – Fragile Terrains in Glass“, which showed new works by the Finnish designer Anu Penttinen. She also worked as a team photographer for the exhibition „Homestory Deutschland“ financed by the Federal Agency for Civic Education.
Nzitu Mawakha died in Berlin on 8 August 2014. Asante sana Nzitu, Tunakupenda.

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