Sharon Dodua Otoo

Synchronicity – the original story

the original story

Broschur | 148*210mm

84 Seiten | 12,80€

978-3-942885-95-9 | 110

November 2015


Cee merkt allmählich, dass sie Tag für Tag ihre Farben verliert. Natürlich ist sie erstmal verunsichert – obwohl sie genau weiß, dass ihre Vorfrauen das auch schon durchgemacht und überlebt haben. Trotzdem. Nun wird sie wieder einmal lernen müssen, mit einem Verlust umzugehen – und das schon wieder so kurz vor Weihnachten …


One day, Cee realises that she is in the process of losing her colours – which is definitely bad enough. But actually – it‘s just the beginning…

Cee slowly realises that she is losing her colours day by day. Of course, this worries her at first – although she already knows that her foremothers also went through it and survived. Still. Now she has to once again learn how to deal with loss – and just like last time, it‘s happening just before Christmas…

Sharon Dodua Otoo is a Black British mother, activist, author and editor of the English language book series “Witnessed“. Her first novella “the things i am thinking while smiling politely“ was published in English in 2012 and appeared in German as “die dinge, die ich denke, während ich höflich lächele“ in 2013 (both also in edition assemblage). “Synchronicity“ is her second novella. Sharon lives, laughs and works in Berlin.

Reading this work by Otoo is at once swift and gentle: as if you were holding a butterfly cupped between your hands. This describes exactly how I felt as I held the main character of “Synchronicity“, with all her experiences, in my hands. It was as if she wanted to break out, to escape from everything which she was in danger of sliding and disappearing into. Or was it actually the others who make and made her increasingly colourless or even completely invisible? In a world in which the loss of colour was becoming a simple fact of life.
Gülseher S. – denkerinnen

Ralph Ellison‘s „Invisible Man“ seems mundane compared to this latest story of Sharon Dodua Otoo. In a wonderful collaboration with the illustrations of Sita Ngoumou, “Synchronicity“ is hilarious, brilliant and multilayered. “Synchronicity“ is written in a vivid and humourous way, with profound messages that only reveal themselves gradually. An absolute and „well portioned“ pleasure to read!
Nouria N. Asfaha
Founder of the Vera Heyer Archivs and „Each One Teach One“ EOTO e.V

The protagonist Cee is suddenly confronted with fundamental changes in her (experience of) life: one by one each colour disappears from her daily routine. As she tries to find a way to deal with this, she is forced to question her deepest held convictions. In a sensitive, honest and (self-) depreciating way, “Synchronicity“ tells the story of the power of human relationships when our perception threatens to disappear into various shades of grey. Each of the 24 anecdotes is literally a sensuous experience: challenging the reader to confront their own fears while also sparking a desire for change.
Nadine Lantzsch
Author and Blogger at Medienelite und Mädchenmannschaft