Rassistische Misshandlung im Berliner Polizeigewahrsam | Racist abuse in Berlin police custody

On the 15th of October activists occupied the Nigerian Embassy in
Berlin. 25 people were arrested. Upon their release they reported
serious abuse, threats,
degrading treatment and racist insults from the police. In this video
they speak about their experiences.

The central demand of the occupation of the Nigerian Embassy is the
suspension of the current deportation contracts between Germany and
Nigeria. In this contract Nigeria obligates itself to commit to a
„strategic partnership“ with Frontex, to secure European borders. In
addition to assisting with deportations, in coming years the Frontex
officers will assist with migration management, border security,
improvement of identity documents, data verification of visa inquiries,
and training of border security officers. Conversely, Nigerian border
security will come to work at EU border posts with „Frontex Joint

The protest was focussed especially against the so-called Embassy
Consultations that were carried out by the Nigerian Embassy in Berlin.
Group consultations of migrants from African nations were coercively
carried out in order to verify the nation of origin, in order to
facilitate deportation.

In the Embassy building protesters were threatened with violence by
Nigerian Security. The Ambassador called the police and lodged a
complaint of breach of the peace. The police used teargas and batons
during the arrest operation, in which 14 occupiers were arrested.

In the following hours police detained further activists. A total of 25
people were taken into detention at the Berlin State Police detention
centre in Tempelhof, and processed as criminals. A spontaneous
solidarity demonstration with over 800 participants demanded the
immediate release of detainees.

In the evening, all 25 activists were released. After their release they
described serious abuse, threats, degrading treatment and racist insults
from the police. Investigation continues against the 14 Embassy
occupiers regarding possible disturbance of the police.

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