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edition assemblage is an undogmatic left political and publishing network of different people, projects and media. What connects us is our aim to create new places to work on collective projects in new constellations.

The Assemblage is not only the publishing edition assemblage but also an open network consisting of projects, groups and people, mostly working with books and other media.

Thanks to all the people who are showing interest in the Assemblage and who support and encourage us!

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edition assemblage
Nieberdingstraße 8, D - 48155  Münster
Postfach  27 46,
D - 48014  Münster
Telefon: (0251) 14 104 208
Büro: (0251) 39 556 221

Foreign Rights

If you are interested in obtaining foreign reprint rights for any edition assemblage title, please email for information.

Bookstore Distribution:

Die Werkstatt Verlagsauslieferung
Königstraße 43
D-26180 Rastede
Telefon: 04402 / 92 63 0
Fax: 04402 / 92 63 50


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